Built to Order - Built to Last

Since opening in 1993, Thompson Fabrication has been a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of containers and equipment for the waste industry. Whether you are hauling solid waste, have a construction or demolition business, are a scrap hauler, have a lawn and landscaping business, or work in the environmental, recycling, or oil and gas industries - we can build equipment to meet your needs.

At TFI, we pride ourselves on putting the customer’s needs first. So, when you call to order your containers from us, know that they are being built for you, for your business, built to your specifications. We don’t build stock or inventory containers because we do things differently. We believe in Built to Order – Built to Last.

The Original Home of the "Rolled Bottom"

Like any good business, we sought out to solve a problem when we started. We wanted to stop the rusting out of the side posts on the outside of a Rectangular container. This was the start of the “Rolled Bottom,” setting our containers apart from the competition. This design feature, along with some of our other key processes, will extend the overall life of your container.

Rolled bottom rectangular hook lift container

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