About Us

Thompson Fabricating Inc was founded in 1993 by Jeff and Marcia Thompson with the vision of providing high quality containers at competitive prices. The realization of this vision has secured Thompson Fabricating as an industry leader, unmatched in quality and reputation. In 2021, Amanda and Ryan Iverson (Jeff and Marcia’s daughter and son-in-law) took over ownership of the company to take this small family business into the next generation.

Group photo of Thompson Fabrication Inc.

Thompson Fabricating Inc. building

Thompson Fabricating is proud to manufacture containers in the United States in a 65,000 square foot facility located on 6 acres in Wheatland, PA. This location has the capacity to keep the entire manufacturing process in one location, allowing for better quality control from start to finish.

Making this all possible is a team of highly competent, skilled, and customer service-oriented employees who understand and are committed to producing durable, safe, and quality products better than the competition. From welders and fabricators to painters and office personnel, they all work in tandem so we can meet your needs and help keep you and your business running.

Mission Statement

Thompson Fabricating Inc is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to manufacturing high quality containers for the waste industry.

We are committed to manufacturing products that will provide our customers extended years of quality service.

Our unique design and our employees’ dedication to superior quality enables us to build and maintain loyal customer relations.