Flat Beds

Popular with contractors and landscapers, our Flat Beds can haul various equipment such as skid loaders, backhoes, small bulldozers, and tractors. Flat Beds are also useful for hauling cars, transporting construction and building materials, trees and shrubs, and so much more. Built to the customer’s specifications, Flat Beds can be built to fit any size truck and hoist, with either Cable, Hook Lift, or Dual Hookup. We can also do a setup for direct mount to any chassis.

Add-on options for Flat Beds include, but are not limited to:

  • 24” dove tail with rollers
  • 36” inverted dove tail with rollers
  • Removable and stowable ramps
  • D-Ring style tie down
  • Drop down ICC bumpers
  • Removable stake pocket winches
  • Stake rack side kit
  • Weld on ratchet winches
  • Recessed chain tie downs
  • Recessed crossmembers for wood decking
  • Chain holder on rear of bulkhead
  • Keyholes in floor sheet

Please see the Spec Sheet below for additional details.

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