Octagon Receiving Containers

Designed and built to attach to any stationary compactor, our Octagon Receiving Containers can be used for the compaction of a variety of materials including paper, cardboard, recyclables, and most common materials and applications. They can be fit to any size truck and hoist and are able to be built with our Standard or Heavy Duty specifications.

Built for maximum payload, these containers are manufactured in the Octagon shape, have a full dog box, feature a 10” taper from the front to rear of the container, and a tapered roof. Openings in the tailgate can be customized to fit any model of compacting machine.

An additional feature option, based on the capacity of the compactor the container is hooked up to, the container can be wrapped with Structural Tube around the outside of the container. This is done towards the rear of the container to help strengthen the side walls to tolerate higher pressures associated with the larger machines.

Please see the Spec Sheet below for additional details.

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