Rectangular Hook Lift Containers

Thompson Fabrication is the Original Home of the Rolled Bottom Rectangular container. We came up with this feature to stop the issue of the side posts rusting out and it’s now one of the primary reasons our customers keep coming back. These containers can be used on both Residential and Commercial job sites to haul a wide array of materials ranging from yard waste, roofing materials, scrap iron, concrete, or anything to meet the needs of your business.

We are capable of manufacturing Hook Lift Containers to fit any make or model Hook Lift Hoist on the market today ensuring rear hold downs are set to the manufacturers specifications. Typical Hook Lift pin heights are 36”, 54”, or 62”.

Rectangular Hook Lift Containers can range in size from 5 – 50 yards and can be manufactured with Standard, Heavy, or Light Duty specifications. Please see the Spec Sheet below for additional details.

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