Rectangular Recycling and Trash Containers

With multiple designs available, our Rectangular Recycling Containers are designed to be user-friendly, with openings that will allow hauling of various materials all in one container. They can be fit to any size truck and hoist and are able to be built with our Standard or Light Duty specifications to accommodate the loading and hauling of commonly recycled materials.

For the roof, there are typically two design options. The Hip Roof design will have the openings positioned on the roof or the A-frame design which has the openings positions on the sides of the container. The openings themselves can range in size based on what will be recycled. We can cover the openings with either plastic flip style or sliding lids, which both have locking mechanisms, or the openings can remain open. The design and size of the openings can be done to accommodate the recycling of metal and aluminum cans or slots that will ensure that cardboard boxes be broken down to limit the space they take up inside the container.

Rectangular Recycling Containers also allows for the option of having a top hinged divider positioned inside the container create compartments, allowing different materials to be stored and dumped from one container.

Please see the Spec Sheet below for additional details.

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